Golf Courses

The Gary Player Country Club

The birth of the Sun City Resort called for South African golfing professional, Gary Player, to design an award winning golf course that would fit in with the superlative venue. Using his experience and know-how as a professional golfer, Gary Player understood exactly what golfers would appreciate, while designing a course that is challenging and enjoyable.

The strength of this golf course lies in the fact that it doesn’t favour any particular shot, and provides the same result whether playing the forward or intermediate tees. 8000 yards of golfing pleasure await each player with mesmerising views at every turn.

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The Lost City Country Club

The popularity of the Sun City Resort led to the design and development of the Lost City Country Club. Gary Player was called upon again to extend his professional expertise by designing the golf course. Covered in the hardy Kikuyu grass, much like the Gary Player golf course at Sun City, the course offers undulating plains, expansive fairways, mountainous areas and small patches of desert.

This superlative golf course also offers players a distinctive region covered with a series of lakes that separate the 9th from the final hole. The 13th hole offers a green in the shape of the African continent, complete with a pond that is home to numerous Nile Crocodiles; adding to the true African appeal of this course.

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Wild Coast Sun Country Club

The magical Wild Coast Sun Country Club offers a seemingly gentle golf course that was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. This course is as beautiful as it is carefully constructed, designed with the prevalent winds of the coast in mind. Even the slightest change in wind direction can completely transform a game, making the challenge of this golf course something quite exciting.

The backdrop of the Indian Ocean creates a tranquil and refreshing setting, although some of the holes look as though they could be perfectly placed within Scotland or Ireland. With plenty of interesting shots; one that needs to be played over a massive chasm next to a cascading waterfall, the Wild Coast Sun Country Club leaves little to be desired from a professional golfers’ point of view.

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Fish River Sun Country Club

The Fish River Sun Country Club is another one of Gary Player’s exceptionally designed golf courses, known as the “hidden gem” in the unspoiled majesty of the Eastern Cape. Golfing professionals have to travel a little way off the beaten track to get to this beautiful course, but their adventures will be well rewarded. The course is both natural and of the highest quality, while still exuding a sense of challenge and a need for skill.

The coastal winds are blocked by a series of notable sand dunes that welcome the course as it stretches away from the clubhouse. Long grasses, dense bushes and the Old Woman’s River all come into play at some stage along the course, with the latter becoming prevalent on 3 of the back 9 holes.

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Royal Swazi Spa Country Club

Just over the Eastern border of South Africa lies the Royal Swazi Spa Country Club; a luxurious haven set amongst the wild African terrain. The golf course boasts a variety of greenery, from dense scrubs to proud African trees; designed as a part of the revamp conducted by Peter Matkovich.

This golf course is the longest serving host of the South African Pro Tour and has welcomed the who’s who of golfing greats across her greens and fairways. With plenty of hilly terrain to test one’s endurance, as well as some tricky none-too-easy areas that require at least one “pressure shot”, this remarkable golf course will continue to thrill, delight and even disappoint her many contenders.

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